Welcome at the english menu !

I bid you welcome to my page! First a little introduction about how I came to this page.

Since I am currently at home and imitate anything, I've created this website to life, so I at least have something to emulate. After much back and forth, then I had also decided to dedicate this to my adopted hometown. I come from Berlin that is now three years and I live here. And believe me, I still have not seen the whole city. I also try to always insert new here.

Oh please one more thing, I'm not a pro, and it is definitely the one or other errors in there, so take it and considerate!
And now have fun while surfing on the site!

Casting Christian-Andreas

Sponsor wanted for my site!

I am looking for a sponsor for my site. He or you have the option of a banner on my site or incorporate the right banner high!

If interested in an e-mail me!

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