From my point of view

From my perspective Perleberg is an Expandable town! It offers enough space to develop an investor in connection with the creation of jobs. There is a rail link as well as the Anbingung to B5 present.

I guess also that we have enough specialists in all areas and can offer.

Our mayor is nonpartisan and that I find appealing. I think that is not much time for the parties, because I, too, was once briefly in the SPD and then but am not back out.

In any case, our small town as it sounds, this has to offer, and another, such as recreation. For the bodily well-being is also taken care of here, several of there restaurants.

What we lack are loving, investors.

An idea or preposterous!

Sometimes I wonder if you could not organize a festival here. As tourists would come and get money in the till.
An open air concert or something of that nature

4/10/2011 Ch-A.Treß

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